Act 1/Scene 8


Jerwood Space, 171 Union St, Bankside, London, SE1 0LN.
Fri 25th May 2012, 6-8.00pm, Free

Louis Waldon: “Well… you know yesterday we shot some of the first scenes and I stated the fact that I was, I’m, uh, extremely interested in finding a new way to live and I think that surfing could possibly be the answer… I’ve met two surfers so far and I feel that they’re, you know, that they really have a healthy attitude… they’re against dope and against the capitalistic style of living, they’re more involved and into the ocean and just the waves, the waves mean everything and, uh… it caught my interest… and in the movie that’s exactly what I’m seeking out. I’m seeking out a way to, uh, live and, uh, if its surfing, uh, that’s the way I’ll do it, I’ll be a surfer. For the rest of my life.

Aaron Sloan: Have you ever done any surfing in real life?

Louis Waldon: No I haven’t…”

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