Act 1/Scene 19


Blakedown Estate, Worcestershire
10-16thAugust 2013. Free

A week-long lesson in the act of belonging.

Taking as premise the notion that knowledge needs to be embodied in order to be embedded this programme will radically re-consider the lecture format by taking as methodology an apprentice model.

“Observation is no more a matter of having information copied into one’s head, than is imitation a matter of mechanically executing the received instructions. Rather, to observe is actively to attend to the movements of others; to imitate is to align that attention to the movements of one’s own practical orientation towards an environment. […] what is involved […] is not a transmission of representations, […] but an education to attention.”  (Tim Ingold)

Over the course of a one week residential, one hundred* members of the public are invited to develop and practise modes of belonging, collectively, independently and in the context of one another, both actually and as a knowing performance of themselves in the act. The event will take place at the Blakedown Estate, north Worcestershire, and will commence immediately upon arrival. Participants may use the premises as they see fit within the context of the event and may choose to work in or outside the building. Participants may also choose to come and go from the premises as an element of their practice.

As the methodology of this presentation is experimentation there will be no pre-conceived facilitation, teaching or leadership. These will only occur if they emerge of their own accord as part of the process. A plenary will be held on the last day.

Participants must commit to all 7 days and are responsible for providing their own food and clothing and any other objects or equipment they may need throughout this time.

Booking is essential.


Emma Smith has an events based practice and works internationally. Previous exhibitions include Camden Arts Centre (2006), Whitechapel Gallery (2007 & 2008), Wysing Arts Centre (2010, 2011 & 2012), Grizedale Arts (2011), Artsadmin (2011), The Showroom (2011), MK Gallery (2011) and Tate Modern (2011), UK. International residencies include Lebanon, China, India, Kenya, Mauritius, Latvia and Canada. Published work includes Gallery as Community: Art, Education and Politics, Whitechapel Gallery (2012), Manifesta Journal (2012) and Community Without Propinquity (2011). Smith was Artist Fellow at The Showroom 2010-2011 and Artsadmin Bursary Artist 2010-2011. She is active Fellow of the RSA, Co-founder and Artist Partner of Delta Arts and resident in the ACME Fire Station Residency Programme (2010-2015).

Public workshops and talks include: The Serpentine Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Gasworks, Camden Arts Centre, Barbican, Delfina Foundation and Whitechapel Gallery. Conference presentations include: Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Germany, IASPIS, Sweden, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Denmark and Turner Contemporary and The Courtauld Institute, UK. Smith has guest lectured at The University of Mauritius, Westminster University, Goldsmiths and the Royal College of Art.

* ‘Dunbar’s Number’: named after Robin Dunbar’s theory that human beings only have brain capacity to deal with up to 150 relationships. Gender, social skills and personality cause this number to vary from 100-250.

*Image: Blakedown Estate, courtesy


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