Act 1/The Apocralypse

The Apocralypse

Programmed by Barry Sykes

The Apocralypse is a series of entirely hypothetical, invented, fictional talks and presentations by twenty two different artists, writers, curators and performers. Every weekday throughout July 2012 a new one will be revealed on the ‘It Looked Like A Theatre’ website.

“A few months ago I was invited by Lucie Akerman and Sam Playford Greenwell of ‘It Looked Like A Theatre’ to devise a project around the theme of artist talks. This, The Apocralypse, has now become Act 1 of their on-going research project. My brief for the twenty two contributors was to use the formalities of publicity material and event listings (title, date, location, description, biog, image, entrance fee etc…) to conjure up an imaginary presentation that they did not have to deliver. They had complete free reign to devise whatever they wanted, the only parameter being that they enjoyed the freedoms this might give them. Each contribution was developed in isolation with no idea what each other was devising.

Judging an idea by how it sounds is common currency; this project had been set in motion to focus on how ideas are circulated, how they begin to take form and how sometimes it is just as important to know what you’re not doing.

I would like to thank ‘It looked Like A Theatre’ for commissioning The Apocralypse; all the participants for their contributions; Limoncello gallery for hosting ‘A Look Back At The Apocralypse’, our closing event (the only entirely real one) on August 1st; and finally Animals in Wire whose financial support has enabled the project to happen.”

Barry Sykes

Barry Sykes (born 1976) is an artist whose diverse practice encompasses sculpture, video, text, interventions and performance. He has exhibited widely nationally and internationally and undertaken numerous residencies and commissions.


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