Act 1/Scene 7


Starr Auditorium, Tate Modern
14 July 14:00 – 15 July 04:00

Tickets £5 for Tate members, free for non-members wearing red.

Coinciding with the proposal work for Tate ARTWORK PROPOSAL: For all marketing and publicity, print my name in any other font that isn’t the Tate font, Toby Huddlestone presents All the Proposals, a 14 hour long artist presentation in which the artist will chronologically outline and discuss all the proposals for artworks, exhibitions, events and projects that didn’t make it so far in his early career.

Mixing ambition, fantasy, futility and nihilism, Huddlestone makes us aware that practice does not necessarily equal product. All the Proposals takes us through various non-works, such as his Camel Toe Paintings, 2008 a suite of 64 acrylics following the exact dimensions from a packet of Camel cigarettes, Another proposal (Parrot), 2011 in which the artist trains a parrot over a period of one year to say ‘Repetition’ and his lecture performance work Reducing the size of the sun ever so slightly in order to compensate for global warming, 2010.

Toby Huddlestone is a practicing contemporary artist currently based in London, continuing to focus on a practice of practices in which curating, collaborating, organising and communicating form main areas of discussion and production.

He has exhibited worldwide through solo, group exhibitions and residencies, and has work included in numerous journals and publications.

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*Image courtesy Toby Huddlestone

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