Act 1/Scene 18


Main corridor (the former jetée), West Terminal, Orly Airport, Paris, France
July 1st-2nd 2012. Noon to 6pm on July 1st, 6pm to midnight on July 2nd. Free

A workshop mainly dedicated to artists who are invited to imagine, guess, and produce artworks that they would have produced in the future (if they hadn’t taken part in this workshop)

It is self-evident that materials, techniques, methods and ideas that an artist will have available in the future will be better than the ones he has today, if not for other reasons, because they include the awareness and the use of the present ones. Participants will be invited to conceive and realise artworks from their future CV: artworks for shows to which they will be hopefully invited, projects that they could infer or deduct from their present ideas and desires.

Participants will learn scientific and para-scientific techniques to understand which could be a mental path in the future considering which is the present state of mind (and state of things). They will also be invited to study the developments and transformations in the career of well-known artists (better if the artists considered lived a long and artistically generous life, such as Titian, or Picasso) in order to understand and predict similarities and analogies with their own artistic developments.

Such a multi-disciplinary approach, ranging from psychology to art history, from neurophysiology to divination to study of material and techniques, will allow all the participating artists to conceive and produce their “Artworks From The Future”, their best artwork ever.

Born in Roma 1955, lives in Roma

Cesare Pietroiusti gained his degree in Medicine in 1979, and was close to becoming a psychiatrist. Since 1977 he has exhibited in private and public spaces, in and out of the artworld, in Italy and sometimes abroad. In recent years his work mostly concentrated on the topic of the exchange and on the paradoxes that can emerge in the folds of economic systems, norms and organizations. Starting from 2004 he has irreversibly transformed banknotes; distributed almost a hundred thousand unique drawings for free; swallowed banknotes at the end of an auction and then given them back to the legitimate owner (the successful bidder) after their evacuation. He also opened shops where the goods for sale are banknotes, and the currency used to purchase them is the customer’s gaze; organised restaurants where, at the end of the meal the customer, instead of paying, gets paid for everything they consumed; curated exhibitions where artworks are for sale, not in exchange of money but of the best visitors’ ideas, etc.

*Image by Cesare Pietroiusti.
Translation: “This drawing will be completed by the artist after his own death, with the use of super-natural means of production.”


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