Act 1/FAQs

Frequently asked questions about The Apocralypse:


– Why is it called ‘The Apocralypse’?

– Why are they all hypothetical?

– Is any of this actually real or have you made it all up?

– Why so you say ‘programmed by’ rather than curated or edited by?

– I’m confused, are they really happening or not?

– What looked like a theatre?

– Why is it on a website?

– Which one is your favourite?

– I’m confused, what is the point of this?

– Will any of them happen?

– Is Barry Sykes his real name?

– Who are Animals in Wire?

– Did you really pay each contributor 2hrs at the London Living Wage?

– Did anyone say not to participating?

– What’s next?


Contact: itlookedlikeatheatre(at),



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